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If you’ve spent years or even decades restoring a classic car to concours, road-celebrating condition its personal value may be immeasurable but you know there are many practical reasons to properly appraise and document your vehicle’s worth. An accurate, well-supported valuation is essential for comprehensive insurance coverage, estate planning and should the desire or need arise, re-sale. Best in Show Motorcar Services (BISMS) is proud to provide detailed appraisals for individual vehicles or collections.  Call today 408-223-5743

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A celebration of our shared, life-long passion for cars and the people who design, build, restore, collect and enjoy them. I hope you’ll visit regularly, contribute comments and consider commissioning an appraisal somewhere down the road.


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“Thank you for the very professional and thorough appraisal. I now have an up-to-date replacement value for my ’32.” Thanks, Sid”
Sid Chavers